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In the fray. [27 Feb 2006|07:13pm]
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I wonder where the others are and if they're all right. I haven't seen them since the start.
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At last. [14 Feb 2006|10:05am]
[ mood | numb ]

So, we're finally leaving? We'd better, as I've dragged myself out of bed for this...

As I have little possessions, whomever would like anything can take what they want if I do not return. All I have to give is apologies.

I'm sorry.

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I can't believe this... [30 Dec 2005|07:27pm]
[ mood | ashamed ]

Since it seems I haven't said it enough, I'll say it again: unless Orochimaru-sama summons me or Kabuto-sensei has need of me, do not disturb me under any circumstances! I don't care if you're dying as long as Orochimaru-sama is not in any danger, understand?! STAY OUT OF MY ROOM!

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[26 Dec 2005|03:05pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

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Kabuto-sensei, any news?

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[27 Nov 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | not well ]

So, Kidoumaru failed. I wish I could say I wasn't surprised.

When are we to be prepared by?

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[01 Nov 2005|09:48am]
[ mood | in pain ]

As it's already been stated, we've returned successfully with the scroll.

Orochimaru-sama, Mission DetailsCollapse )

Kabuto-sensei, I'm fine no matter what the others say. There's no need for you to check me over, I promise.

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Ill Omens. [14 Oct 2005|06:43pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Kirigakure seems a lot quieter than I remember it...but that's not surprising now though, is it? Well, at least the village seems quiet...I can't say the same about the rooms we've been issued; I wish the twins and Tayuya would stop their ridiculous squabbling while we're here. Conserve your energy, idiots!

The Kirigakure shinobi didn't seem too surprised to see us when we arrived... I was afraid that they would recognize me, but I only saw one person give me a look more glaring than the others before they whispered something to a person near them and took off. I spoke briefly with a Jounin who greeted us about our business here. He assured us that the Mizukage would see us as soon as possible, but until he did, we would be welcome to some rooms in the village, which we have...

I didn't know that the Mizukage would grant an audience so soon, however. A messenger was sent to my room a few hours ago to meet with the Mizukage privately, and that's where I've been.

Meeting with the MizukageCollapse )

...I'm a little nervous about this... The rest of you should be prepared.

Otonin OnlyCollapse )

I need to speak with Kidoumaru...

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Request Granted. [20 Sep 2005|08:37pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Kidoumaru, ready your things, Orochimaru-sama has a mission for us. Tayuya, Sakon, you're welcome to come if you feel it necessary... I can't believe I'm being nice to either of you two, but...if you're bored, yes, it promises to be a break from the monotony.

Mission DetailsCollapse )

I supposed it's considered an A or B class mission...though, we've all accomplished missions of more difficulty before.

PrivateCollapse )

Kabuto-sensei, would it be possible for you to care for my plants while I'm gone? I don't want Jiroubou to do it ever again...you're the only one that I trust will do it properly... I'll appreciate it.

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Thoughts. [02 Sep 2005|07:21pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Too much has happened in so little time. I'm not even sure how it all played out. All I know is, I met my replacement and was in the process of capturing him for Orochimaru-sama when everything turned to chaos as others arrived, the Godaime included.

Summarily, the whole ordeal resulted in a draw: The twins and Kidoumaru injured fairly badly, Orochimaru-sama not entirely in the greatest of moods as the Haruno girl was taken back and his arms still not healed, and Kabuto-sensei ridiculously tired from both fighting and having to deal with the medicinal aftermath. The Uchiha only managed minimal damage to my left arm, so I've treated myself, to save Kabuto-sensei some precious time.

I've been spending more time with Kidoumaru since Tayuya's been even more unbearable with her bragging. Janen's alright, I suppose. Since Sakon was kind enough to care for my plants recently, the lynx has been darting into my room every now and again, and frantically tries to claw me whenever I pick him up and place him back in the hallway, but he hasn't done any real damage... I'm sure Kabuto-sensei will be kind to remind me that nothing has happened "yet". I just know that I am happy with my plants, and I don't think I'd want anything more mobile around me.

Private, you all die if you read, I mean itCollapse )

With that said, I'm going to sleep now. No one disturb me, or they'll find an ulna at their throat. Thank you, and goodnight.

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On duty. [12 Aug 2005|10:43pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

As willing as I am to do anything for Orochimaru-sama, I can't lie and say that I enjoy patrol. It's been so boring surprisingly quiet in the outskirts, so I think it's safe to say that no guests are arriving tonight. I'll be signing off now, I planned to give Kidoumaru a much needed tour and-

Wait, I think someone's coming... A boy my age? What is he do- Orochimaru-sama, Uchiha Sasuke is here!!! I'll greet him. Kidoumaru or Jiroubou or...somebody get down here, just in case some others show up while I take care of this! Hurry!

OoC: And so, it begins. The fight between Sasuke and Kimi can be in flashbacks and stuff, since it's been previously configured, but...yeah. Anyone else, join in please and thanks.

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Death may be a relief... [10 Aug 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | sad ]

It is always better to be behind but well informed instead of ahead and unsure.

In other words, Kidoumaru and I have made it back to Otogakure, and I'm exhausted. Too much, too fast, and to be on alert too? It's amazing that Kidoumaru and I didn't die along the way made it back on time, but, anything for Orochimaru-sama. Moving our home has proved beneficiary. I'm ready to take on whoever decides to come in Godaime's place.

PrivateCollapse )

Kidoumaru seems happy to be home, even if he hasn't really had much of a chance to rest and talk to the others in extent, but... I'm glad he's back.

Kidoumaru OnlyCollapse )

I'm ready. I'm ready for anything.

Kabuto-senseiCollapse )

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Homeward Bound [04 Aug 2005|03:14pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Reunions are never as great as any person would expect though I am glad to see him. Now, to hurry and take care of other business.

Orochimaru-sama OnlyCollapse )

Kidoumaru OnlyCollapse )

PrivateCollapse )

Kei-san OnlyCollapse )

Lastly, I hope that Jiroubou hasn't killed my plants. I've seen some of Kidoumaru's work, and I'm not sure I'd rely on it just yet. I cannot wait until I am back home.

OoC: Um, to Kidoumaru player, sorry for the rush and relatively crappy post. Add as much juice as you'd like to their wonderful reunion, since I was drawing a blank. T_T I'M SO SORRY!!!

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Consistency. [31 Jul 2005|10:41pm]
[ mood | working ]

Confidential to Otogakure: Mission LogCollapse )

I love the forest and the fields in this area. The beauty makes me forget about my mission and about all the stresses I've left behind. I am not even afraid of an encounter, I'm just at peace here. It's really beautiful country.

PrivateCollapse )

A few more days to a reunion, and then only a few more to home. Kami-sama, please bless me with good fortune, if only for this mission.

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Nutritious. [21 Jul 2005|01:18am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Mission complete, well, for the time being. At least we're back in Otogakure, though I know I'll have to face the repercussions as soon as Konoha recovers and reorganizes.

Lucky me. Yeah, right. At least I had the opportunity to handle Manda a week before the mission, since I felt that if the need to summon him in an emergency arose, I would be prepared and acquainted with him. I can say this quite honestly now that some of the danger has passed: Manda has a very despicable personality.

As soon as I summoned the giant snake, he started screaming that Orochimaru-sama was a "worthless fool" and how the last time he had been summoned he had been disgraced because of a humiliating loss to the Godaime and Jiraiya-san. Augh, if I had not been bed-ridden then, none of that would have happened. Curse you, Kami-sama.

I lost my temper at Manda's words...and I yelled at him, which I later realized could have been a fatal mistake...but all he did was threaten to eat me, which I almost dared him to try, because I have confidence in my indigestibility, but I didn't. And then I told him that I am Orochimaru-sama's "apprentice" and that I would do everything in my power to compensate for all the humiliation he had endured.

Damn thing demanded sacrifices, so with approval of Orochimaru-sama, I presented him with the more undesirable prisoners...

I hope the effort pays off, because otherwise my summoning contract will be down one serpent.

PrivateCollapse )

Kabuto-sensei is with our guest now. I can't say that I don't feel sorry for her.

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OoC [13 Jul 2005|07:39pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

This is OoC! *waves banner!* Don't kill me, this was just too good to pass up (especially after recent comments I've posted).

Kimi's WeddingCollapse )

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Training and preparing... [08 Jul 2005|01:28pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Mission Status, Otonin OnlyCollapse )

Kabuto-sensei is back in Otogakure after his reconnaissance mission. I think I'm happy because of this...yes?

Other than that, I've been training, and preparing for the upcoming mission...which has been...interesting to say the least.

Orochimaru-sama OnlyCollapse )

...I've been quite tired recently, I've almost neglected to water my plants just due to pure exhaustion. Kabuto-sensei, can you give me anything that might give me a little more energy? Jiroubou's been making me tea, but the caffeine's not even enough.

As it turns out, Orochimaru-sama has been teaching me Kuchiyose no Jutsu. I'm so happy! Summoning snakes has normally been Kabuto-sensei's responsibility, but Orochimaru-sama told me that he thinks it is a task that I can do successfully! I will not fail him!

The weeks of chakra control training have paid off splendidly. The seals are not so difficult, but it takes a lot of concentration to get the exact amount of chakra for the proper-sized snake. Luckily for me, my first summoning was a six foot sidewinder rattlesnake, which Orochimaru-sama seemed satisfied with. It wasn't until later that I learned that Uchiha-san and Hyuga-san have also learned Kuchiyose no Jutsu from Orochimaru-sama's first student, Mitarashi-san, and their first summonings were not nearly so large.

I must say I was impressed with the rattlesnake. Within the first few moments it appeared, it tried to bite me, but it quickly let go of my arm when its fangs met the layer of bone I had made directly under the skin. Orochimaru-sama just laughed which made me so happy I almost cried.

With that said, anyone who gets in the way of Orochimaru-sama will have to answer to me, and I promise they will not enjoy the experience.

OoC: Sorry that I didn't consult you, DaMoyre, but my AIM's on the fritz (worse than usual), so I just decided to wing it and post something... Sorry. T_T

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Recent Activity. [29 Jun 2005|06:35pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Orochimaru-sama has informed me of a mission I'm soon to embark on thank you, Kami-sama. I'm glad for this opportunity to be useful to him again. Despite him telling me that the results of my training are satisfactory, I still don't feel as if I've done enough. Maybe this mission will be enough?

Kidoumaru's disappeared to train with his aunt again. I miss talking to him. Hopefully by the time he returns his affection for the Konoha shinobi will have dissipated. And I say hopefully because Orochimaru-sama's so furious that I think he might kill him.

Otonin OnlyCollapse )

PrivateCollapse )

Since Jiroubou is going to be left behind, I think I'll ask him to take care of the garden while I'm gone, I mean, the strawberries are his anyway. There's also the fact that Sakon would kill off everything without even trying he's unbelievably incapable of performing even the simplest of requests.

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Poetry is not my forte... [19 Jun 2005|12:31am]
[ mood | tired ]

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:kaguyakimimaro
Your haiku:are we now not once
did he ask what is the point
where they would not hold
Created by Grahame

I have nothing to report except that my outdoor garden is growing well...surprisingly. I've been far too busy training and caring for my plants to see my teammates or visit the dungeons luckily recently.

Orochimaru-sama, is there anything you wish for me to do?
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[03 Jun 2005|01:58pm]
[ mood | working ]

After having to look over an hour for one of my scrolls and later finding it buried in one of the original ivy pots, I decided to trim the raspberry bushes and ivy that have cleverly taken over my room and have almost managed to sneak out and into the hallway. I even have a hose attached to my bathroom faucet, just so I can water the greedy things!

Augh, Akage-kun (Redhead) and Souseiji (Twins) are just like their namesakes: OBNOXIOUS. Kidou-chan's growing well, for a cactus. Kentanka-chan (Glutton), the venus fly trap, has devoured more than just flies...it has also been munching on Souseiji recently, since the vines were growing dangerously close to a few trap jaws...

My outdoor garden is growing satisfactorily. At the request of Jiroubou, I added in a small corner of cucumbers and strawberries, because I don't mind the extra things to do. I'm so bored.

I found wild daisies outside and picked a few and put them in Tayuya's room. She's allergic to flowers.

Orochimaru-sama's dungeons are rather interesting. In my boredom between my daily gardening tasks and my training and meditation, I've been down there exploring.

PrivateCollapse )

Orochimaru-sama, how long until our mission?

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Hmm. [27 May 2005|02:43pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I've been too busy to update recently. Orochimaru-sama seems very distracted and anxious for Kabuto-sensei's reports, and his impatience is affecting the rest of us here in Otogakure. Since he's impatient, he's requested that the others and I spar all the more, probably so that he has something to watch, which is one of the few things to do here. I don't mind though; the others are easy to beat now.

I still have yet to use my curse seal in battle, but I don't really need it, unless I want to do Sawarabi no Mai, but that is a technique that I've always hated anyway, the last resort. At least I can make a spear now, not as large as the ones I became infamous for, but long and thin and thankfully just as strong and deadly. I've been experimenting a little with this ability, throwing the long thin ones in training, and the results have been satisfactory. Sakon and Ukon were great for target practice. I think they almost wished that they didn’t have rapid healing.

I feel that I have about recovered my old strength. I know that the virus still lies inside me, forever to lie dormant or to suddenly reappear with a vengeance, but no matter how Kami-sama directs it, I still wish to fulfill my purpose and will do so regardless of fate.

Orochimaru-sama onlyCollapse )

Kidoumaru, I think you are right about most shinobi having odd hobbies. Just yesterday, I found Jiroubou in the kitchen making éclairs. And all this time, I thought his only talent was to eat. So, I thought I’d share that with you… I definitely never want to find out what the twins’ hobby is.

My room currently resembles a haunted mansion with all the ivy and thorns that have run rampant. I haven’t been able to trim them because of all the time I’ve spent training. I think they’ve rooted themselves in the walls, much like Tayuya and the twins are stationed here in Otogakure. The plants are much more useful in my opinion, however.

Sorry, Kabuto-sensei, it’ll be difficult to move all the plants out of your room when you return, but I will if you ask it of me. I’ll have to look to see what other rooms are available.

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[19 May 2005|04:34pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I secluded myself in my room for the past few days. You see, I did a little reading on chakra control since I last trained with the twins, and I realized that the curse seal pulls forth chakra within my body that is normally harder to tap into. With that knowledge, I realized that there could be a possibility that, with much concentration, I could access that chakra without the curse seal.

So, I locked myself in my room to meditate and train so I could focus my chakra more easily. The others almost became my servants, bringing me food like they used to when I was bed-ridden, as well as water for my plants. Only Jiroubou didn't complain, from what I heard outside in the halls, but no matter.

Well, at first, I slowly activated my curse seal to level one under careful control, so I could feel where the chakra was coming from. Once I got a feel for the flow, I deactivated the curse seal and tried to repeat the process under my own focus.

It took a long, long time, and it was hard, but I finally managed it. Chakra control’s never exactly been my specialty. I can morph my skeleton at a decent scale again! It takes almost more concentration than it’s worth, but I can do Karamatsu no Mai! I didn't think I'd ever be so happy to see my false ribs again!

Orochimaru-sama! I can do it! I can do it without the curse seal! Are you proud?

Please send me on a mission, Orochimaru-sama! I'll do anything you'd like! I'll even go with you to find a new vessel if it'd please you! I want to prove myself to you again!

In other news, my flowers came and are planted. If they die, it must be someone seeking their revenge, and that person shall be killed easily.

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I have lost hope. [15 May 2005|06:25pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Apparently, if you speak too often of a person who lives with you and interacts with you daily, it means that you have certain feelings for said person. Because of such delusions, I will no longer mention such a person again, because I would like this fact to be clear: I have spent much of my life purging such vulgar desires from my body. If I ever possessed any feelings of admiration or...love...toward anyone, it would have been for Orochimaru-sama, and if any of you take that the wrong way, I will kill you, perverts.

With that said, I trained with the twins yesterday, as planned. The conditions: they could only activate their curse seals to level one, mainly because at my current state, I would not be able to guard myself if they chose to merge with my body. As a result, we practiced our taijutsu and, though they had an extra pair of arms and legs to their advantage, I still easily parried their punches and kicks with Yanagi no Mai.

After about twenty minutes or so of skirting one another, I managed to pin Ukon (who was partially merged with Sakon's right side) under my left foot and stabbed my right ulna into Sakon's abdomen. The match was then declared over, despite the fact Sakon's wound was healed soon after. Because of this, they both were angry at the loss, with Ukon cursing me under his breath and Sakon whining that the match should not have been ended. Ignoring them was easy, and I started to leave the practice grounds when Sakon crossed the line.

"Why do you pretend you're special when Orochimaru-sama can't even use you?! Face it, you're no greater than the rest of us now!"

Before I returned to my room, I left Ukon with the task of keeping his brother alive long enough for his torn throat to heal closed.

Orochimaru-sama, am I truly useless now? I'll do anything, anything for you! Forgive me, please!

PrivateCollapse )

My plant collection is looking very nasty. Not one of them are pretty! I need to find a flower that won't die, because between the cactus, venus fly trap, random thornbush, and ivy, my room is looking very intimidating.

To all the people, for all the things I should have apologized for: I'm sorry.

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Friday the 13th...is truly cursed. [13 May 2005|01:33pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

I sparred with Tayuya yesterday, under strict conditions; I was not to use the curse seal, nor use my more strenuous techniques. Tayuya was allowed to fight without limits and activated her level two form from the start, which wasn’t surprising she's obnoxiously impulsive.

My speed is not what it used to be (I need to resume weight training), but I was still faster than Tayuya. When she leapt back to find a more defensive position and put distance between us, I used Teshi Sengan as I chased her, trying to knock her off balance, but she managed to dodge my distal phalanges and performed her Kuchiyose no Jutsu before I could have her with Yanagi no Mai.

I used Yanagi no Mai on Tayuya’s obnoxious monsters instead, skewering them on my left ulna and femur so I could get closer to her, hurrying so as to avoid the summons’ chakra-absorbing spirits. When I was close enough, I used Tsubaki no Mai, shaking her demons off and using my humerus like a pole to vault over and behind her.

I was a little too kind to Tayuya at the end; I used the dull end of my humerus when I clubbed the back of her head, merely knocking her unconscious and banishing her monsters. I should have killed her; it’s what I wanted to do.

I am not proud of this victory. Before I fell ill, I would train with all four of my pathetic teammates, easily defeating them in less time then it took for me to beat Tayuya yesterday. The fact that I found the training slightly difficult sickens me. Though I suppose that part of my former ease could have been because of the curse seal. Does this mean that if I learn to fight without relying on the curse seal that I may be able to become stronger than I was before? Do either of you have a theory for this, Kabuto-sensei? Orochimaru-sama?

Orochimaru-sama, I apologize for my awful performance against Tayuya. I will not rest until I am back to my former strength. I can’t fail you again. May I train with Sakon tomorrow?

PrivateCollapse )

I love my new room, Orochimaru-sama. I appreciate the quiet and solitude. It’s great for focusing on my plants recovery and training. Though sometimes I hear some frightening noises coming from your room, but forget it. I don’t think I want to know.

Kabuto-sensei, you need to hurry back. Orochimaru-sama and I needs need you.

Kidoumaru onlyCollapse )

It is almost time for me to eat and take my medication again, but I really do not want to go near the others right now. I had enough of Tayuya’s curses, Jiroubou’s scoldings, and Sakon and Ukon’s stupidity last night at dinner that it was almost as if I hadn’t moved my room. I think they do it on purpose. At least Sakon stopped spreading those disgusting rumors after I shoved a sharp ulna against his throat talked to him.

I think I will just stay in my room with Kidou-chan (which is setting rather menacingly by my door; it’s quite the painful, spiny punishment for trespassers, as Sakon and Ukon have found out) and wait until after they’ve gone. The cactus, despite its terrible name, is much better company anyway.

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“This must be how other people feel.” [11 May 2005|04:31pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I have to get away from them. This is ridiculous. Lately, I have been INSANELY BEYOND ALL NORMAL MEASURES OF annoyed with my retarded, worthless teammates. Normally, I would easily ignore their pathetic squabbling and insults, but they have become so obnoxious that I cannot help but be absolutely and completely horrified frustrated.

Why did Tayuya have to hide the twins’ favourite lipstick in my room? Do they seriously want to die? And slow, stupid, fat Jiroubou ate the last apple, the one that I specifically said was mine.

And I was NOT dying from a STD!!! I had to look up what that meant. My name is ruined! Oh, the shame! Sakon has taken it upon himself to spread this rumor to every single person he happens to encounter in Otogakure. If he does not stop soon, I am going to kill have a little chat with him. How dare he tarnish my holy virginity…urh, clan’s name and Orochimaru-sama’s honor and Otogakure with such lies?!

Orochimaru-sama, may I please move my room to the other side of Otogakure? They make me wish I was comatose again.

Kabuto onlyCollapse )

PrivateCollapse )

Kabuto-sensei, I think you need to change my prescription. This medication I am on is giving me emotions(!) problems. Excuse me while I head off to stab myself sleep. Maybe I will feel differently later.

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...new things to do.... [09 May 2005|01:38am]
[ mood | artistic ]

I've decided to start carving, my personal catharsis. I snuck a picture of Tayuya for reference... REFERENCE ONLY!

Jiroubou is only so good for training; he always fights the same, and I still have my old speed so, he's useless. Maybe I'll try to catch Tayuya off guard.

Kabuto onlyCollapse )

Kidoumaru, hurry up with whatever you're doing. You're the most tolerable, but that really isn't saying much, is it?

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What is the point of this thing? [07 May 2005|09:30am]
[ mood | cynical ]

Before he left for his mission, Kabuto-sensei requested that I create a journal. I suppose it's for therapy, given my current situation. After all, why shouldn't I be depressed?

The irony of life is quite amazing. My purpose was to become Orochimaru-sama's container, but I fell ill before I could. Yeah, a son of the once feared Kaguya clan was entombed in a hospital bed for a year. And here we all had been lead to believe that I was indestructible. I believe that my anger is justified; Kami-sama is cruel.

At least I am alive. I'm recovering, slowly; I've started training again, mostly with Jiroubou because Kidoumaru's in Konohagakure, and Tayuya and the twins hate me to the point where they would not hold back, even on a recovering patient. I've lost Orochimaru-sama's favouritism, and therefore must be careful around my fellow otonin.

If any of them deserved it, I'd apologize for my past behaviors, but no apologies should be made to those unworthy. They may hate me, but I hate them. After all, they never lost their worth in Orochimaru-sama's eyes like I have.

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